“Like a Villain in a James Bond Movie”

Bloomberg Businessweek has a pretty incredible story about a repo man who decided he was sick of repossessing minivans with baby seats in the back of them, and decided he wanted to focus on going after overleveraged rich people and their “high-dollar toys”:

Another time, as Cage made off with a fast boat, the owner jumped into a faster boat and, like a villain in a James Bond movie, chased after him. The guy backed off only when the U.S. Coast Guard arrived.

The team once repossessed a jet from a former player for the San Francisco 49ers, and as they arrived the man lumbered out of the plane. “His eyes were wild,” Cage said. Dave Larson, one of about 30 pilots Cage retains, went about his business. When he turned his back to the former linebacker, “I just remember flying through the air,” Larson says. The man had hit the pilot with a penalty-worthy block to the back and sent him 20 feet before he crashed to the tarmac. So Craft—a former wrestler—stepped in and faced down the big adversary while the pilot staggered onto the plane.

Some of their repos are straight out of Magnum, P.I. Craft once tried to grab a yacht in the Bahamas, but needed to lure the owner off first. The yachtsman had a reputation as a womanizer, so Craft paid a girl at the marina bar $100 to entice the owner in for a drink. He sprang at the chance, then Craft slipped onboard and took his boat. Later, when the angered man and his wife came to IRG’s office to claim personal property from the yacht, Craft handed over various itemized lingerie and sexual paraphernalia. “Stop!” the man said, as his wife glared at another woman’s underwear. “That’s enough.”

I feel like this could be a TV show like Pawn Stars or Storage Wars or Dog the Bounty Hunter. I’d totally watch it.



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