Monday Check-In: Check Fights

Good morning! Let’s check in.

I spent much of this weekend recovering from my cold, and am nearly 100 percent in working order again. My friend from New Zealand and I met for lunch at a Korean restaurant in midtown, and when I offered to pay, he made a big fuss. I made a bigger fuss, and he threw a $20 bill at meā€”tried to shove it down my shirt, even. I threw it back at him, motioned to our waiter to take my credit card and told my friend that I’d like to meet up for a drink again before he leaves town, and that I’d let him buy me a drink then. ($34.66.)

In the evening, I met two of my friends for dinner at an Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village (this one), and since I showed up early, I ordered a glass of pinot noir at the bar and read on my phone ($9, plus $2 tip). After dinner, I reached for my wallet, but my friends insisted on paying. “Don’t be silly,” they said. “You bought a plane ticket to come to our wedding, and we have a gift card.” ($0.) We decided to have a cocktail at The Jane before heading home, and again my friends insisted on paying for my drink. “Please, let me pay for my drink,” I said. “We got this one,” they said ($0). We shared a cab uptown, and I said, “I’ve got this one,” and they said, “Let us tip the driver,” and we hugged goodbye ($15).

Add in a Sunday grocery store run ($49.56), and a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond for toiletries ($27.97), and my weekend total was: $138.19. This is a few dollars more than I had projected, and if I had won some more check battles, I would have spent much more than anticipated. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and it all sort of even outs.

And how were your weekends?

Edit: I forgot I spent $5 on Tig Notaro’s live audio show. IMPORTANT.



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