My American Dreams (In This Economy)

I have three recurring dreams.

1. There is some large body of water that I have to cross. There is a bridge, but it’s never just a bridge. It’s a floating bridge or a flooded bridge or a narrow bridge or not even a bridge but a series of little rocks or islands I have to hop across. Falling in the water is always imminent, terrifying.

2. I have to go back to high school or college to take one course because of some technicality. And it’s always really, really important to me that everyone know that I’M NOT STILL IN COLLEGE or I’M NOT STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL. I AM A GROWNUP. 

3. I’m in college, actually, and it’s almost the end of the semester. I find out that I’m enrolled in a class that I’ve never been to. I’m in a panic to both navigate the bureaucracy to try to get the course dropped, while simultaneously trying to attend the last lectures of the course in case I have to take the exam. The lecture hall is always huge and the subject matter is always GREEK TO ME.

This was the dream I had last night, but there were two telling developments. One, I tried to see if I could pay our developer to hack into the school’s system and drop me from the course. I was very uneasy about the ILLICIT NATURE of my request, but I was willing to do it anyway FOR MY FUTURE. And two, almost more than I was concerned about the effect on the transcript, I was concerned about not being charged for the course. I CANNOT BE CHARGED FOR THIS COURSE.

So, like, what do you think that means?



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