Not Sleeping

12:08 a.m.

I spend a lot of time not asleep in my bed wondering if other people sometimes scare themselves with the things they do when they’re alone in their homes. If they ever let loose sounds they didn’t plan to, sounds they never imagined taking shape within their lungs, little not-quite-Tourette-type noises and nonsense words. Do other people’s limbs sometimes turn briefly into violent propellers or severed electrical cords without warning? Do their bodies occasionally capsize or careen into the furniture and walls?

Matthew Mahaney has a piece in Gulf Coast about being unable to fall asleep.

There was a certain year of my life when I had to buy bottles of Tylenol PM every week to help me get to sleep. It’s over the counter, and supposedly non-habit forming, but I eventually decided that taking pills to go to bed wasn’t something I wanted to do anymore. I traded pills for running at night—running for miles to ensure that I’d be exhausted by the time it was time for bed. It worked, and eventually, I didn’t have to run at night either.



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