Really Great Books Don’t Lead to Really Fat Bank Accounts (Travesty)

It is International Jami Attenberg Day! She is a really great writer and a really great novelist and she is also Really Open And Honest About Her Money which, you know, We Love That. To celebrate, here is your itinerary:

1. Read Miranda Popkey’s profile of Attenberg at Capital New York. ( “[I’m] always keenly aware of my finances at all times … I’m always aware of exactly how much money I have in the bank. I thought it would be better at some point. And it doesn’t really get better.”)

2. Read Attenberg’s essay on The Hairpin today: “My History of Being Fat.” (It’s superb.)

4. Read Michelle Dean’s interview with her at The Awl. (“I don’t have a family, for example, no future college educations or mortgage to consider. The only child I have to take care of is myself. For the past few years in particular my attitude has been: I’m already broke, what’s wrong with being a little more broke?”)

3. Buy her newest novel, The Middlesteinsout today.



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