Target’s 12-Minute Ad

Starting today, Target is testing to see how consumers will react to “branded entertainment” by releasing a 12-minute film starring Kristen Bell, Nia Long and Zachary Abel, and directed by Phil Abraham, who has directed Mad Men, and worked on The Sopranos. The film features more than 100 items you can buy at Target stores and runs them adjacent to the film as they appear on your screen so you can buy the items you like. I love Kristen Bell, and have seen every episode of Veronica Mars, but found the first segment to be distracting and didn’t finish watching it. Maybe you can tell me if you actually enjoyed the storyline. Kristen Bell told The New York Times that she thought branded entertainment was a good investment because “nobody watches commercials any more” and this could be one way of financing projects. Perhaps! As long as the full-screen button give me the option of ignoring the products that pop up, I might be okay with this.



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