The Road Less Expensive

Mike: Last night, I returned from Dallas and landed at LaGuardia airport. I thought I’d take the bus to the nearest subway station, and then take the subway back to my apartment, so I went to the bus stop and waited. And waited. A half hour went by, and a bunch of buses showed up, but not the one I needed. I was very tempted to get into a cab and pay $65 (including tip), but I just didn’t want to spend that money. What would you have done?

Logan: Oh. Well, if I had $65, I would have taken a cab. I’m very kind to myself, well, all the time really, but especially around travel. What did you do?

Mike: There’s just so many things I’d rather spend $65 on. Taking the bus and subway would probably take about an hour, and I could just use my 30-day unlimited MetroCard, so the trip would be already paid for. So I stood there and thought about that for a long time! And while I was thinking about that, 45 minutes passed, and the bus finally arrived. So I got on.

Logan: Oh so it worked out! I would have quit a lot sooner. I probably actually would have never even stood in line. Which … is a perfect example of us being TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE. I just don’t associate travel costs as choices, really. Like, $10 bloody marys and $20 veggie burgers in the airport don’t count. It’s just the cost of doing business.

Mike: That’s just so crazy to me, haha. I mean, I probably would have given up after an hour, but I had just spent $50 to take a cab from my hotel to the Dallas airport, and I just didn’t want to pay for another cab ride.

Though, actually, there were a lot of really annoyed people waiting at the bus stop. I would have asked if there was anyone willing to split the costs of cab ride with me.

Logan: What if one of them was a murderer?

Mike: Then at least the cab driver would be there as a witness? Haha, you and your apocalyptic sensibility.

Logan: Well I’m glad you didn’t spend all that money. But: Mike, there wasn’t a free hotel airport shuttle?

Mike: No. I guess the hotel was too far away. It was a 30-minute ride.

Logan: What will you spend that $65 on? You should get a treat. Your patience paid off! Paid off in the form of $65!

Mike: Well, I need to go to the grocery store. So I saved money for a week’s worth of groceries, basically.

Logan: Well, buy yourself a special treat at the grocery store. A piece of cake that it will take you a week to eat. And then every time you take a bite, you can thank yourself for your patience.

Mike: Oh, I plan on it!



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