What Your Handwriting Says About You

A beautiful hand, personal and characteristic, full of flow and life, done with an excellent pen. It’s curious how it has extrovert qualities – the loops, the ligatures, the flow – but also a slight hesitation in the backward lean. Could that be a remnant of an earlier, more withdrawn phase in someone’s life? Did he or she find happiness late? This person is quite visually gifted. The writer gives the impression of being very sociable, and genuinely liking people – look how the ligatures link one word to another – and of taking great pleasure in his or her own existence.

The Guardian asked English novelist Philip Hensher to look at people’s handwriting and imagine what it revealed about the writer. Apparently, he thinks Prince Charles is visually gifted, and President Obama’s handwriting is “sad, and babyish.” He has Beyonce down pretty well (“She’s practical and highly efficient but dangerously speculative, with a focus on the world around her. She’s got short bursts of powerful sexiness.”) Here’s my handwriting (I was making a list of cheese to buy):

Someone once described my handwriting as “messy, but neat.” An oxymoron! I must be a genius.



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