Wi-Fi in the Sky

A PandoDaily journalist was the first to notice that Gogo’s standard fare of $15 for the day (or $12.70 if you buy ahead of time) wasn’t available on his Virgin America flight from San Francisco to New York, and instead cost $10 per hour.

I’ve gotten used to flying on Virgin America every time I travel from New York to visit my family in California, because the airfare is decent, and because of the access to Wi-Fi (I had a boss once who told me I could fly to Los Angeles for a short weekend if I promised to work on the plane and send him a draft of something I was working on). For some reason, $13 for Internet access seems like a reasonable price to charge for Internet access while you’re in the sky, but $10 an hour sounds like some sort of con, and I’m glad to hear other competitors are getting into the market to help drive prices down. Or I can just skip the work and read a book.



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