Imagine an Internet with No Ads (AHHHHH)

The Atlantic has posted about a device, that if developed, would block every kind of known ad on every device using your wi-fi network. The makers of the  AdTrap are comparing it to a scalpel—it will slice out ads  and leave everything else. The device will also disrupt “tracking and profiling techniques used by advertisers .” Sounds like kind of a nightmare, actually. (With very few exceptions, ads are how websites make money.) (AHEM.)

Why must technology always be improving!? What is wrong with the way things are RIGHT NOW!? WHY IS EVERYTHING ALWAYS CHANGING I JUST GOT USED TO HOW IT WAS. (The project is being Kickstarted and  has to raise $150,000 before it can go into production. so I guess we have some time to figure out a new business model. Ideas? Anyone?)



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