Lena Dunham Explains Why We’re Jealous of Her, Is Totally Right

“People are ultimately threatened by young people taking positions of power. But there’s also this feeling of I could do that, too. People don’t feel rabidly jealous of Larry David or Salman Rushdie because they don’t think, I could do that. And with what I’ve done, I think a lot of people think, I could do that in my sleep. If I’d just met one person along my path, I would have that TV show.” — Get out of my head, Lena Dunham!!!!!1 This interview, which is in the new Esquire, includes a footnote here:” 2. That one person is Judd Apatow, who is a producer on Girls and gives notes to Dunham on every episode,” which, like, RAWR. I think Lena Dunham is a person who would have been prolific no matter who she met. Maybe some meetings hastened her rise, but a meeting with Judd Apatow does not a star make. Lena Dunham is great. Do I wish I was her? Yes. Do I think I could be her? Nope.



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