Matt Langer Makes a Very Good Point

Matt Langer, who previously made a very good point about tipping, now makes a very good point about Black Friday. HE WRITES:

“Definitely one of my favorite things about the way we do capitalism in America is how once a year a bunch of people without want will line up outside of Apple stores hours and hours in advance for a new iPhone, and this is generally considered to be a thing that—even if a little crazy—is a sign of good taste and allegiance to a worthy brand, and yet once a year when those further down the economic food chain have to endure being treated like fucking zoo animals just to get a discount on a TV this isn’t considered an occasion to maybe thoughtfully reevaluate a thing or two but merely a chance to shake our heads in disbelief and mock those who can’t afford to do consumption on their own terms.”

Oh. Oh. (Oh.)

TO BE FAIR, I am as 100 percent totally uninterested in Apple product release EVENTS as I am in DOORBUSTER SALES, but this did give me pause. Because, you know, there’s another American tradition that allows people who cannot normally afford certain things to purchase those things. I know a little bit about it.



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