Monday Check-In: Team Rubicon

Happy Monday! Let’s check-in.

On Friday, I spent $59.13 at The Home Depot on my volunteer supplies (push broom, shovel, work gloves, headlamp, masks, goggles) to help out in The Rockaways, and I spent my Saturday out in Rockaway Beach at the Surf Club under the supervision of Team Rubicon, a two-year nonprofit made up of military veterans and medical professionals who got together to help out in Haiti after discovering that it takes large organizations like the Red Cross weeks to get on the ground because of all the bureaucracy they have to work through (the Red Cross has received a lot of criticism for moving too slowly after Sandy, and my own experience volunteering with the Red Cross in the last few weeks have been not so great). I worked with a great group of volunteers to help homeowners clean out and demo their flooded basements, and the residents appeared to be happy to have us there to help out. I’ll definitely be going back out.

I grabbed a burger after returning to my apartment ($8.55) and did a grocery store run on Sunday ($28.18). Edit: I also gave $30 to the organization I was with to help pay for the bus to get out to The Rockaways. Total this weekend: $125.86

And how were your weekends?



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