Must Have Skills for Getting Must Have Jobs In Our Trying Economic Times

The WSJ has a quick list of FOUR MUST-HAVE JOB SKILLS to land a job in 2013! My favorite must have job skill for landing a job in 2013: PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT. Writes the WSJ: “In 2013, workers should find new ways to increase productivity, experts say. Executives are looking for a 20% improvement in employee performance next year from current levels.”

SO BASICALLY, if you want 1 job, you need to be prepared to do 2-3 jobs (but don’t expect to get paid for more than the 1, actually expect to get paid for probably less than the 1). Ahhhh.

The actual most-important skill for getting a job—”Knowing someone who can get you a job”—isn’t on the list, but maybe it’s just so obvious as to be implied.



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