Q for Emily Gould, Person Who Does Karaoke A Lot, On Karaoke Tipping Etiquette

Q, from LOGAN SACHON: HOW TO TIP??????!!!!!! Does it change based on how GOOD you are? And what about if it’s a PIANO KARAOKE bar??????? Do you have to do it each song or can you drop a twenty at the end?

A, from EMILY GOULD: The best thing is to ask the KJ or bartender how much to tip. Seriously, this saves a lot of worry. Most places I go, $2 a song is considered solid, $1 chintzy but acceptable, anything more is for high-rollers or people who are apologizing in advance for dominating the mic.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS: ASK (how much to tip) AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE (the answer of how much to tip).



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