Really Terrible Awful Neglect of Public Housing Residents Still Happening

Greg B. Smith of the Daily News reports that  “21,000 NYCHA residents in 114 buildings across Brooklyn, Queens and lower Manhattan still without power.” THIS IS INFURIATING. There is also no heat or water because of the way the water is pumped into high rises. IT HAS BEEN EIGHT DAYS, BTW.

The part that is CRAZIEST TO ME was that Con Ed was TOTALLY ALL READY TO TURN THE POWER BACK ON TWO DAYS AGO, “but a NYCHA contractor had yet to show up to finish repairing the authority’s electrical system that was damaged during the flood.” Brooklyn City Councilman Stephen Levin put it best: “The level of dysfunction and apathy from NYCHA to the tenants of NYCHA is shocking.” Residents say NYCHA officials haven’t been around. Any aid has come from independent groups and other residents.



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