Sipping on Water and Juice

Last night, I was at a bar (everybody in life makes choices).  A dude came up and ordered a soda and got his soda and left,  and the girl next to me said, “Why would you come to a bar if you don’t drink?” And I said, “Well, that’s not fair. There’s lots of reasons lots of people don’t drink, but that shouldn’t keep you from hanging out at bars … right?” I looked at the bartender.

He said, “Sure. Some people come in and don’t drink, but not that many. Usually they’re here with a group of people, and they’ll just get soda water or something.” And then he said, “It’s the same as when you come in and only get one drink and then nurse it for awhile—I’m happy to have you sit with a drink, that’s totally fine.”

And I think he meant that maybe, but I think also maybe it’s possible he absolutely did not mean that?!

It hadn’t even occurred to me that ordering one drink or ordering only a soda water with cranberry juice—which I do sometimes in the name of money and health and productivity—was a bad thing!? I always sort of figured a drink is a drink and tip is a tip, but it never occurred to me that maybe this was problematic. I love hanging out at bars. I like being around humans. Are bars really ONLY for people with drinking problems?! HALP.



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