The C.K. Way

The last thing I bought on iTunes was a $1.29 track from Bruno Mars that apparently came out around this time last year (I’m slowly becoming one of those old people who learn about popular music months after they’re released). I doubt that Bruno Mars saw very much of that $1.29 I spent, which is why it’s sort of exciting to see an “old media” radio program like This American Life pull a Louie C.K. and start selling its live shows for $5. According to the A.V. Club, Tig Notaro’s Largo set sold 75,000 downloads in its first week, with most of the money going to Notaro, who planned to donate part of her $250,000+ earnings from the sales to cancer research. I’m a regular TAL listener and regularly donate to the program every year during its pledge drives. Hopefully the sales of this live show and future ones will be another way for the program to raise a bunch of money.



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