The Other, Cooler Petraeus

HER NAME IS HOLLY PETRAEUS! She is the mother, daughter, sister, wife, and CHAMPION of U.S. troops and veterans! She used to head the BBB’s military division; now she heads the Office of Servicemember Affairs at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She works to educate members of the military on personal finance and fights against businesses that prey on troops, of which there are TONS.

(For example, this 2006 DOD report notes that payday lenders are clustered around military bases! And this HuffPo story about soldiers in debt in Oklahoma is heartbreaking—one soldier is living in a garage off of $148 per month because of his debts! And this 2009 Mother Jones piece on predatory car dealers who trick soldiers into buying cars for thousands of dollars more than they are worth is equally infuriating!)

Please read more about Holly Petraeus’ work at the CFFB site or check out this USA TODAY profile of her from earlier this year. She is an American hero for our American heroes!



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