The Salaries of Funny People

I have the utmost respect for famous people who have no qualms about telling people how much they earn, which is why I found this piece in the Times about standup comedians and their salaries endlessly fascinating.

Eugene Mirman earns $200,000 a year! Most of his earnings come from headlining comedy shows, and voicing a character on a show called “Bob’s Burgers.” Contrasting that is Livia Scott who has a show at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York and earned about $3,200 from doing comedy. She makes up for that by earning $33,000 a year as a part-time receptionist at a law firm. There’s also a comedian named Buzz Sutherland who apparently makes $350,000 a year mostly through the college touring circuit. So obviously, the best way to make money as a comedian is to go to college(s). Wamp wamp.



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