Try Things and Know People

One of Kate Spencer’s tumblr followers asked her how she got where she is today (where she is today: working at VH1 and teaching improv at UCB), so she shared her work history. It’s super great:

“I think part of figuring out what you want to do is doing a ton of things that turn out to be NOT what you want to do. Once I got to NYC I worked full time doing retail at Patagonia and then interned two days a week at a documentary film company. I had done some film stuff in college, so I figured ‘maybe this is what I want to do?’ It wasn’t, and it was great to learn that.”

She also notes each time a connection helped her, and it’s … so many times! Because: THAT IS HOW LIFE WORKS. She credits her involvement with UCB for hooking her up with so many great friends: “I’m not saying everyone needs to go to UCB, but find your UCB. Find the place where people have your back and you can learn from them through out your whole life.”



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