We All Must Be Preppers

Sandy madness and the NYT are bringing prepping mainstream—this week’s magazine cover story frames preparing for disaster with gardens and food storage and guns as not only normal, but sensible. And Ron Douglas, who they profile, makes a great point: “This is exactly what we’re trying to prepare people for … Everybody talks about doomsday, the end of the world — apocalypse nonsense. This is New York’s doomsday right now.” GOOD POINT.

One hot tip from Sandra W. at Survival Blog, in a post on how her family has starting prepping slowly: “Now whenever we go to Wal-Mart we buy essentials and a box of ammo. Say it with me now: milk, bread, eggs, toilet paper and ammo. Try it again, diapers, wipes, and ammo. See how easy it is?”

I have some canned beans. And three gallon jugs of water. No ammo. E tu?



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