Face Cream and a Call to the Bank

Molly Young’s NY Mag profile of astrologer Susan Miller is best. Best. B E S T. Every single line. So good. I’m trying to find a hook for why I’m telling you this and the closest I’ve got: (“A typical day at headquarters begins at 6:30 a.m. with face cream and a call to the bank, sometimes simultaneously, to see what checks went through. Then Miller heads to the gym for a fitness class or a session on the elliptical machine, then to the bank in person to withdraw cash and mail out checks, then to buy fresh fruit, and finally back home, where she sets up on the sofa and works straight through the day and into the night. During daylight hours she will be on the phone with her employees, of which there are ‘about 23,’ although Miller is quick to point out that they are not employees but 1099s. [She was audited last year.]”)



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