Factory Farms, Where It’s Illegal to Report That You’ve Seen Something Illegal If You Thought You Might See Something Illegal

Does this mean that if I got a job because I said meat processing was my dream job but it actually wasn’t my dream job (fish farming) … I’d be breaking the law?

PULLQUOTE 1: “In March of last year, Iowa became the first state to pass an ag gag law in two decades. It is now illegal to seek employment at Iowan factory farms under false pretenses. Not by coincidence, the bill was formulated soon after a 2010 Humane Society undercover exposé of Iowa egg farms went viral. Cody Carlson, one of the egg farm investigators, took an entry-level job at four different farms and wore a pinhole camera to work every day.”

PULLQUOTE 2: “Ag gag laws are already on the books in Iowa, Missouri, Utah, North Dakota, Montana, and Kansas. If Indiana and the 5 other states mulling these bills follow suit, the facilities producing 99 percent of American meat will be completely shielded from the public eye.”



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