Friday Estimate

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time to estimate our weekends.

A bunch of us received blizzard advisories on our phones yesterday afternoon, so we decided to avoid the office today and stay in. A few of my friends and I were planning on doing our monthly dinner out this weekend, and at first, I suggested we put our plans on hold. Didn’t you see the reports? I asked: “…either a giant snowstorm will destroy life as we know it this weekend, or it’s going to rain. Plan accordingly,” warned New York’s Dan Amira.

“As long as the subways are running, I’m planning on eating with you guys,” my friend replied. “Can’t think of a better way to pass a cold storm, in fact, than eating spicy food.”

So I’ll be having dinner this weekend ($60, including drinks), running to the drugstore near my apartment for detergent and other supplies ($30), and doing a grocery store shop ($50). My estimate is $140 with dinner or $80 without.

What are your estimates?



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