Microsoft Cool And Great, Turns Out (Not a Joke)

New York’s Kevin Roose visited a Microsoft store and liked it, which surprised even him! (“Outside, it was colorful and inviting. Inside, it was brightly lit, well-designed, and crowded with happy masses eagerly scooping up Surface tablets and Asus laptops … It was weird, disorienting, and pretty great.”)

Then the longtime Apple-user visited an Apple store, and, well: “The overall effect was less like taking Prozac, as Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed, and more like being on MDMA at a sad rave.”

We are all going to be using Windows by the end of the year, aren’t we—is that what’s happening? I think it might be. Maybe you’re already using Windows. Maybe you never fell for this $2,000 laptop mess in the first place. My friend bought a new laptop recently. Or maybe it was a netbook? A chromebook? Whatever it was, looked like a laptop and she could go on the internet with it and type and also be on Twitter. What else does one need? (Nothing.) It was $250.



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