More Responsibilities (No Money)

“You’ll get as much out of this experience as you put into it, so don’t hesitate to take on as many different projects as you can,” said account manager and internship coordinator Brian Pearson, 41, adding that if any of the five unpaid interns ever found themselves without enough to do, they could always come to him for additional assignments intended for paid employees with at least two years of professional experience. “This is a great opportunity, so just try to take advantage of your time with us and learn as much as you can. Having the right attitude goes a long way around here.”

Okay, fine, this is part of an Onion article about unpaid internships, but it could also be a real piece. And thinking back on my time as an unpaid intern, I recall being relieved when I was given “real work” to do. I’m sure my supervisors also appreciated that this real work was being done at little or no cost and that their intern had a good attitude about it.

In other news, not The Onion, but actual headlines that could be mistaken for The Onion.



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