My Last Hundred Bucks: Pancake Props, Rainy Day Pizza, Dog Stuff

Where’d you spend your last hundo, Allegra Ringo?

$1, Box of pancake mix at the 99 Cent Store. Used to make pancakes that were used as props in a sketch, not eaten. I felt like a real first-world shithead about it.

$13, Ramen at my favorite ramen restaurant. I don’t mean to brag, but I added tofu AND an egg. Then I made it into two meals by adding packaged ramen noodles to the leftover broth, so I feel this purchase was well-justified.

$10, Having the groomer expel my dog’s anal glands. I still have no idea what expelling anal glands entails, and I would pay thousands of dollars to keep it that way.

$24, Pizza delivery. I was hungry and it was raining, and in Los Angeles there is an explicit rule that we do not leave the house when it rains. My hands were tied.

$27, Misc. dog supplies. $15 of this was a harness she chewed through in 10 minutes. Another portion went toward an adorable if unneeded toy.

$22, Breakfast for my boyfriend and me at Ed’s. It’s my favorite diner and the only place I have a “usual” (we share a breakfast burrito and a stack of pancakes).

$3, Mysterious Japanese candy. I stopped at a Japanese market and bought some strawberry candies so I could use my debit card to get cash. Then I threw in some tomato-flavored candies because they sounded weird. Both candies were pretty bad, and the store didn’t give cash back.


Allegra Ringo writes for Top Story Weekly.



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