My Last Hundred Bucks: Shopping for Beauty, Eating for Sustenance, Drinking for Milestones

Where’d your last hundo go, LaToya Jovena?

$28.08, beauty products from online beauty shop. I could have gotten comparable items much cheaper at any drug store, but I had a gift card to this specific store. Still, not a bad price if I think of the gift cards as a discount because my entire order was over $50.

$9.25, burrito from Chipotle. Plus gauc.

$2.25, parking fees. 75 cents of this is the cost of parking outside of Chipotle, while the rest is the cost I accidentally overpaid because the meter I put my bank card into was malfunctioning. I called to complain, but do I really want to chase down “the man” for $1.50?

$49.35, full tank of gas. This will hopefully get me to work, back home, and where ever else I need to go for a full pay period. Doubtful, but hopeful.

$38, bottles of flavored vodka and seltzer. To celebrate my first joint tax filing with my husband, (we’re newlyweds)! All the cards on the table—cheers! Easier to make financial decisions—cheers! Actually receiving a refund—cheers! One lump sum directly deposited to one joint checking account—cheers! Here’s to hoping we don’t spend it all before we actually receive it.

LaToya Jovena likes hanging out with her husband and puppy. // photo by sanberdoo



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