Sometimes Rich People Are Great Fun

In this morning’s second edition of NY Mag pieces that are amazing and incredible if not entirely relevant to “THE ECONOMY” and “GETTING A JOB” and “PAYING YOUR RENT,” Jessica Pressler’s profile of this fantastic wealthy, artsy family called the Bronfmans is just a really nice thing to read (and must have been a really nice thing to write, since she’s usually talking to stuffy old men from Wall Street). Also a good reminder that not all rich people are terrible, some are just fabulous. Every detail is the best, but this is the very best: “She decorated in vivid colors, watermelon pinks and lime greens, had trompe l’oeil theater curtains painted on the elevator, and ‘painted the roof purple,’ she says. ‘And then I painted a big blue rectangle, like a swimming pool, in a real pool color. Then I put chairs around it, so that when helicopters flew over people would think, Those people have a pool on their roof.'”



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