The Labor Rights Abuse Bonus

I almost didn’t read this latest article about Foxconn because it doesn’t make me feel “good” to read about Foxconn, but I read it anyway because sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do. So: The point of this article by the excellent Josh Eidelson is that Foxconn really isn’t going to allow its employees to unionize (it said it would allow its employees to unionize). But another point is this: “[Apple] didn’t create the labor rights status quo in China,’ said Nova, ‘but they certainly have exploited it … Every time that Apple buys an iPhone from Foxconn … they’re getting a bonus. It’s the labor rights abuse bonus.'” MEANWHILE IN NEW YORK, I had a dream last night that my house burned down but I didn’t care at all because I had my laptop and iPhone with me. LRAB.



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