The Narcissist Gets the Job

A 2009 investigation led by psychologist Amy B. Brunell of Ohio State University at Newark found that narcissistic individuals readily emerged as leaders in group discussions, and among students enrolled in a graduate business program, narcissists were likely to rise to top positions. These outcomes agreed with an earlier study in which psychologist Ronald J. Deluga of Bryant University asked presidential experts to rate U.S. chief executives on a scale of narcissism. Presidents judged to be more narcissistic were rated by an independent group of historians as particularly effective, charismatic and creative.

According to Scientific American, narcissists also perform well during interviews because they are really good about talking about how great they are and pulling out all the self-promotion stops. And yet: Narcissists are also prone to making rash decisions due to overconfidence and aggression because it’s difficult for them to take insults/criticism. So what I have gathered from all this is that it pays to just be a normal, balanced person. Be confident in your abilities, but don’t be a jerk about it.



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