Which Monopoly Token Will Go?

“The main appeal of the game is not necessarily the charming equipment, but rather it’s the dynamic that takes place when you and I and our friends sit around the table and we start negotiating, deal-making, bantering, making decisions, seeing the results of the decisions we make.”

Monopoly, the game where you use cunning, deceit and backdoor deals to ruin your competitors and win all the moneys, will be retiring one of its eight tokens. But which one? Hasbro is leaving it up to the public and using social media (of course) to decide which piece will go. Whichever piece they decide to retire will likely be replaced with one of the following five tokens: robot, diamond ring, cat, helicopter and guitar.

Personally, I like it when classic games stay classic (even if it’s true that everyone wants to be the car or top hat or dog, and few people choose to be the iron or wheelbarrow). But if I had to accept a new token, I’d be fine with the cat or robot, as long as the robot looks more like Bender and less like Roomba.

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