Your Out-of-Work Story and You

The Right Way to Tell Your Out-of-Work Story.” I’ve had this post from the Harvard Business Review open in a tab for a few days because I thought I could make a funny (“funny”) post out of it—riffing on other ways to frame your long period of unemployment (uh, bring in the latest jobs report?).

But I keep looking it at and leaving it and then looking at it and leaving it and here is the thing: It’s not funny, it just fucking sucks. A lot of people are out of work, and their only chance to get hired might be to pretend they’ve been having the time of their lives while applying for jobs and being depressed. (But if by any chance they have been having the time of their lives, they better keep mum: “Remember that in most industries “traveling” and other unprofessional hobbies are not practical skills, so try to suppress the urge to share your wanderlust on your resume.”)



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