Austin, On Less Than $20 a Day

SXSW—most of us are over it. But I can’t stop myself from reading stories about doing something on the cheap, like this piece by Chris DeVille on Stereogum:

I shaved more than $200 off my airfare by flying into Houston and catching a $2.50 round trip Megabus to Austin. Rather than spring for lodging in the middle of the madness, I crashed with a friend south of downtown. I took the bus instead of cabs. The goal: to consume as much free music, food and beverages as possible. The constraint: spend less than $20 a day, including transportation, and see how it stacks up to my experience roaming Austin with a badge. What follows are highlights both glorious and mundane for your edu-tainment. It’ll be long, but that’s how SXSW is. Come along with me hunting, looking for a come-up; decide for yourself if this is fucking awesome.

It’s a fun time—especially if you’re young, can run, and bring plenty of sunblock.



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