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Mike: WELCOME BACK, LOGAN. Oh look, you made me use all caps! How have you been surviving all those hours without our website working because of malware problems? [Note: Our site is clean now, no worries. Google is reindexing our site to clear the malware message.]

Logan: I’ve been staring at the screen waiting for the ALL CLEAR basically. So you know, totally productively. And also watching this new Robin Thicke video 5,000 times. 5,001.

Mike: I’ve been listening to the new Justin Timberlake album a lot. It’s fun! We were all joking about how we should use the downtime to run out and have milkshakes or hot dogs, but I think we all just sat stressed by our computers instead. I should have gone out for a hot dog.

Logan: You still can, Mike. Soon, so soon. The day is half over and done with. Thanks, Malware. <3 U.



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