Coffee Break

Quartz’s comprehensive guide to drinking coffee at work is full of fun gems like:

Coffee eases the pain of working at a desk

There’s a reason why computer programmers are so wired: Consuming caffeine has been found to ease pain in the neck, shoulders, forearms, and wrists that are often experienced by those of us who are chained to our keyboards.


Coffee can make a stressful situation more stressful

Caffeine can “exaggerate sympathetic adrenal-medullary responses to the stressful events of normal daily life.” Translation: It makes your blood pressure rise and spikes levels of adrenaline, both of which are associated with higher levels of self-reported stress. The effect doesn’t diminish when you leave the office.

Which means if you’re stressed out and need to take a break, it should probably not be a coffee break. Instead, use the time to pet the office kitten (we should all have office kittens).

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