Cruise Prep

You may recall last month’s “poop cruise” incident that left more than 4,000 passengers on a Carnival cruise ship without power or working toilets for five days. Bloomberg Businessweek put together some survival tips to prepare for the next time this happens:

How can I best plan in advance for a cruise disaster?

Pack a few hundred dollars in cash, a working flashlight, and a fully charged cellphone, says Terry Riley, author of the book Travel Can Be Murder: The Business Traveler’s Guide to Personal Safety. And don’t use that cellphone until you absolutely have to. “Wait till you get to a port,” he says. “There’s not much point to calling your friends or family when you’re still on the boat. What are they going to do, other than feel sorry for you?”

I actually carry a tiny working flashlight with me every day in my bag, which probably says something about me.

Photo: US Navy



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