Fortune Found Him an Opportunity

This job completely changed my life. Four years ago, I had about seven jobs and had lived in 20 places in five years. I spent my weekends in a suit standing outside of a club, having spoiled drunk people slur things to me like, “I bet your mom is really proud that you’re a bouncer” and calling me stupid to my face. And that’s really just the printable stuff. Today, I am surrounded by some of the most inspired and intelligent people I’ve ever met. My editors in New York are brilliant, with great ideas and hilarious, unexpected material pouring out of them all day, really inspiring and never critical. All the city editors in the Grub Street network are really sharp; everyone brings completely different and tremendous skill-sets to the party. Locally, I get to work with unbelievably talented freelancers like Tatiana Arbogast, Josh Lurie, and Javier Cabral, who are all writers and photographers at the top of their games. I couldn’t do the site without peers like that and they motivate me, as do so many of the bloggers and restaurateurs around L.A. who really care about forwarding the city’s dining scene.

Los Angeles Magazine has a recurring feature where they talk to people who are making a living writing about food, and today they have a great interview with Grub Street Los Angeles editor Hadley Tomicki. It’s good to know that you can work a bunch of terrible jobs before finding one that sticks. It’s never too late to find your calling.



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