No One Will Ever Love You Like I Do 1 Thing

Thursday is a great day to do that 1 thing you don’t want to do but also don’t want to continue thinking about doing.

Low energy day. Low expectations. Low stakes. I’m not calling anyone. Not going to any banks. Not looking at any statements or doing any math. I will make a list of things that I need to do sometime, but I will not do any of them now. That is enough. Okay.

1. Research banks
2. Switch banks
3. Find tax person/call tax person
4. Expensesssssssssssssssss
4. (for taxes)
5. After switch banks, set up all new billpay etc etc
6. Call non-profit debt consolidation place to see if they can help me even though I don’t think they can since I’m not delinquent on payments but wouldn’t it be nice to not be paying huge amounts of interest every month, yes it would.




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