Practically Free Mom-Endorsed Advice On Turning Your Frown Upside Down (Or at Least, Like, Bringing It Back to Neutral)

How This Week Is Going: Look out the window. Miserable.

A Note from My Mom: “Here is my cure for your bad mood: take a shower, walk somewhere where you can buy some flowers and a good cup of coffee and a baked good. Then come back home and set up your work at the table beside the window in the living room and put the flowers on the table.”

Some Quick Math: Shower, free + Coffee, $5 + Baked good, $3 + Flowers, $7 = $15

Taking Stock: I have a $20 bill to last me the rest of the week but I also have three kinds of lettuce and some brussel sprouts and several packs of oatmeal.

Some Rationalization: I’ve been making a lot of good decisions lately. It can be very empowering to do something frivolous. Also mom said it’s okay and you know what else my mom says is okay? Getting enough sleep, eating vegetables, adding flaxseed to things. She would not lead me astray. It’s a go.



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