Spring Break

“Back in the day, people bought the cheapest deals—a mattress on the floor,” Jason Chute, StudentCity’s director of operations, told me. “You can’t even give those away now. It’s basically, ‘If I’m not going to the top place, I’m not going at all.’”

Allie Conti’s piece looking at the big business of spring break for Vice reminds me of my own college spring break experiences, which were mostly buying a bunch of snacks and supplies and going camping with friends in Yosemite. It wasn’t exactly cheap for students with little or no income, but it was much cheaper than a flight and shared hotel in Cancún, which, based on what I saw on MTV or in the box office dud From Justin to Kelly, didn’t look like my kind of thing (although I may be into massive choreographed dance sequences on the beach).



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