The Sixth Round of Interviews

Like other job seekers around the country, he has been through marathon interview sessions. Mr. Sullivan has received eighth- and ninth-round callbacks for positions at three different companies. Two of those companies, as it turned out, ultimately decided not to hire anyone, he said; instead they put their openings “on hold” because of budget pressures.

At one company, while signing into the visitor’s log for the sixth time, he was chided by the security guard.

“He thought I worked there and just kept forgetting my security badge,” Mr. Sullivan said. “He couldn’t believe I was actually there for another interview. I couldn’t either! But then I put on a happy face, went upstairs and waited for another round of questions.”

There was exactly one time when I was a candidate for a position that asked me to come in for more than two interviews, and when I was asked to come in for a fourth time, I had already received an offer at another company, so I declined to continue with the long process. So what I’m saying is, I feel you, people who were interviewed for this story by Catherine Rampell.



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