Work As If You Live In the Early Days of a Better Nation

Brian Miller has some really good advice on how to turn a bad job into a good job with the power of your MIND.

“‘Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation.’ These words are carved in stone on the wall of the Scottish Parliament. They’re also pinned up above my desk as I’m writing this. If you’re working in a dump, you don’t have to work as if you’re in a dump. Form a startup in your own head. Write a manifesto. Keep showing up for work in the same building, but follow the ideals of your invisible hotshop.”

I MEAN that’s pretty smart. It starts to break down if you think about it too much (how can you be in a better nation if everyone else is still in a terrible awful nation?), but I like it. If you can’t build your own nation in your imaginary head, at least find a new nation before you leave your current nation. That’s some advice from me to you.



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