Working People in England Talk About That

In the Guardian, 15 people talk anonymously about their jobs and it’s fantastic. British people are GR8 FUN. You know it’s good when the dominatrix has the most boring stories of all of them (okay, she has a good one about custard). BUT my most favorite is from the fashion intern:

“I’ve been a fashion-mag intern on and off for five years. Five years! I know. Completely unpaid, yes, I work six days a week for the magazine, then at a pub evenings and weekends. I drink Red Bull instead of having lunch and eat canap├ęs instead of dinner. It’s not a game. Most of my cash comes from eBaying my freebies, … This life is all about stamina. If you can outlast everyone else, then there’s a job for you.”

(There’s also some sad stories about class and poverty but they are MIXED IN WITH THE FUN, so you can learn something and then also smile at Britishisms.)



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