Advice for Grads from Economists

Our pals at Planet Money asked a bunch of economists to give some graduation advice to the batch of college graduates who will be applying for jobs and entering the workforce soon. Much of the advice is pretty solid. Justin Wolfers:

This pattern of hopping between jobs while young, before settling down, is in remarkably common. And it makes sense, too. Romantic success never follows from trying to improve your partner; it follows from moving on and finding a better match. The same is true in the world of work.

Some other advice I’m too sure about. Kenneth French: “And if things don’t turn out so well, you can always change jobs or, better yet, go to business school.” Tim Harford: “A year’s delay would do no harm—might I suggest signing up for a master’s degree?”

As we’ve been cautioned, graduate school should be what people choose after careful consideration—especially if it results in taking on student loans. Godspeed Class of 2013!

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