Decision 2K13: Bikes and Ice Cream and Scandal

Mike: So I started watching Scandal on Memorial Day like any good American, and just finished the eight-episode first season. I have yet to learn who that young woman is.

Logan: Wait I’m very very very confused. How have you only watched eight episodes?

Mike: Because I have to do work, Logan. And also, I’m pretty good at not watching things! I still have not seen Game of Thrones. Don’t tell Adam.

Logan: Your superhuman-ness is unreal. I found it … IMPOSSIBLE to not keep watching. I think I started Scandal on a Friday evening and didn’t stop watching until late Saturday afternoon. I think this is the norm. I appreciate that you’re waiting until GOT is complete and you can watch it all during a week-long binge. Props. Respect. I kind of wish I’d done that.

Mike: So I remember when we were working one day and you were like, “God, I am so exhausted right now.” I asked you why and you said, “I stayed up watching Scandal.” And I asked if you were watching it on Netflix and you said you couldn’t stop watching so you bought the individual episodes on Amazon Instant. After the season one finale ended on that cliffhanger, I thought, “Hmm. Maybe I will do that too.” But I didn’t. How much was it for you to do that?

Logan: At the time there were 12 eps and they were $1.99 a pop. But lemme tell you why I did it. I watched the first season on Netflix and so my experience of the show was COMMERCIAL FREE. I considered switching to the ABC site or Hulu for the second season but the idea of having to sit through commercials caused me so much distress that I forked over the dollars. Interestingly (“interestingly”) instead of buying the pass to watch all the episodes, I bought them individually so after each episode I had to make a new purchasing decision, which was exhausting but also not that difficult, because what, am I going to stop now? (No.) Though: The last several episodes of the season, which I had to watch as they aired like a plebe, I did watch on the ABC app (luv 2 watch TV on my phone). So there was some savings there.

Mike: So, there are now 22 or so episodes in the second season? That’s a daunting number of episodes to watch to catch up so I can understand your Scandal inside jokes. All I’ve got for you right now is: “One minute.” And then one minute of intense staring. Eye contact.

But I did consider getting the free Hulu Plus one-week trial to watch the episodes for free. Or paying the $7.99 for a month and then canceling the subscription. And then I got distracted by email and forgot about it.

Logan: It’s not too late for you, Mike. Every weekend, a new opportunity!

I was walking yesterday in Brooklyn from the train to my friend’s house and basically every two blocks there were racks of the NEW CitiBikes. And from about half a block away, when they came into view, I would start to think, “Hey, I could rent one of these and try it out! Ride the rest of the way! Have my hair in the breeze!” And I would really be considering it right until I got to the bikes, at which point I wouldn’t even slow down and would just say, “Nah.” But then the next block, same thing! “I COULD DO THIS.” I guess what I’m wondering is, what will it take for you to rent a CitiBike, because I’ve already decided it’s probably going to take someone making me do it, for me to do it.

Mike: Well, I need a helmet. I’m not riding a bike without a helmet. Gosh, I know way too many people who were knocked off their bikes in this city and suffered a variety of injuries. But I won’t rent a CitiBike until they have some in my neighborhood, and that won’t be for a while. I mean, if I could bike home, I’d do that, but there aren’t any near me so I don’t really see a point. And if I’m going to be somewhere downtown, I’d probably just walk. I like walking.

Logan: OMG I would NEVER do it in Manhattan. Maybe on the west side where they have that bike path along the river. Ha probably not. So busy. But yeah basically I get distracted really easily and biking in a city is not a good idea for meeeee. Driving either. Walking can be dicey. And I feel like the no helmet thing is a GREAT PERK of the CitiBikes! Because you’re not a bike owner, so it makes sense that you don’t have a helmet! Great excuse not to wear one! When I lived in Portland and biked all the time (some of the time), I always wore a helmet but a couple of times I forgot and it wasn’t til I was like, on a bridge and thinking, this is the best bike ride of my life, what is going ON, that I realized it was because my head was free and my hair was free and I was free and it was so glorious except that I then spent the rest of the ride positive that this was the day I was going to get hit by a car, because that is how life works.

Mike: Maybe I’ll get one of those new-fangled fashionable, redesigned bike helmets you wear around your neck. Have you seen those?



Logan: “If we can do that, we can do anything.” Lol. I had not seen that. I like the ones that look like riding hats. If I was to become a person who bikes and also a person who had money to spend on pretty bike helmets, I’d get one of those. Okay. So you’ll bike when there are bikes uptown, maybe. While we wait, here’s a perk to walking: Ice cream trucks. I’ve only stopped at 2 this week, very proud of myself. Doing good, doing great. What’s your count?

Mike: Zero. But maybe one this weekend. Okay, off to prancercise!



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