Dogged Perseverance

How did you land your position at Uber?

I was living in Chicago at the time, and I knew that Chicago was on the roadmap to be one of the first cities launched that year. So, I started hounding people at Uber — to try to get on the launch team for Chicago. I just showed up places where I knew Ryan Graves (Uber’s head of operations) would be, followed him on Twitter and shot him emails over the course of a few months — in general I just tried to convince him that I was the right fit. They were looking for that hustler, go-getter attitude and I was able to convince him that I could be a valuable part of the team.

Max Crowley got his job at Uber in Chicago as a senior community manager by being very persistent. But he explains to Mashable that there is a fine line between being persistent and a creepy stalker. Crowley figured out which networking events Uber founder Ryan Graves would be at and showed up. A creepy stalker probably would have figured out where Graves was having dinner with his family and then “just happened” to have the table next to him at the same time. Actually, that sounds like an episode of Mad Men.



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