Don’t Buy Expensive Cereal Make Your Own Expensive Cereal

We already have a solid history of groundbreaking cereal coverage here at the Billfold, and today I’d like to continue that legacy with my recipe for summer cereal, or: the only food I will be preparing at my house until it’s not hot anymore.


Trader Joe’s O’s or other Cheerios-inspired cheap cereal, $1.99
Frozen blueberries (I GUESS YOU COULD USE FRESH, BUT $$$$$), $2.99
Some trail mix or whatever you’ve got in the nut department (I USE Trader Joe’s Trek Mix which has almonds, cashews, and a very generous amount of chocolate pieces <3 <3, $4.99) Almond milk or other milk product, $2.99 ~~~----~~~~ALL PRICES APPROXIMATE AND BASED ON MY NOT ALWAYS RELIABLE MEMORY~~~~~---~~~~~~ DIRECTIONS: Put all the stuff in a bowl. Top with almond milk. The blueberries will make the almond milk freeze kind of and you'll have this slushie cereal mixture. The nuts don't necessarily add anything in the taste department but the texture is "fun" and nutrients exist. Is this cheaper than buying, like, KASHI? Maybe not. Is it cooler and better and DIY? Yes. photo by becky brewer



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