I Am Fastidiously Frugal And Exorbitantly Flagrant (Because: Balance) (And: Parents)

Ways in which I am fastidiously frugal (father’s influence):

• 80 percent of my wardrobe comes from thrift stores, second-hand shops and sidewalk free pile foraging.

• I live in a tiny shoebox closet bedroom in a house with three other people and a single bathroom—because the rent is unbeatable, and because my housemates are sweeties.

• I haven’t bought shampoo in years—I wash my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

• My hairdresser is my friend who went to beauty school once. She cuts my hair in her kitchen. I lighten it with Sun-In and a hairdryer, $4.68 for a bottle that lasts months.

• I have a personal rule to pack my lunch four out of five days of the work-week, with an allotment of one restaurant-bought lunch to be used at my discretion.

• I don’t have a smart phone. My phone is of average intelligence.

• I travel much less than other people I know, partially because it seems like such a hemorrhage of money (airplane tickets, WHAT?).

• I run in the park. Can’t stomach the cost of yoga classes and gym memberships.

• I don’t buy books, I go to the library.

• I don’t eat meat. You can save SO much money this way, I can’t even believe how much fresh meat costs at the grocery store. Beans is where it’s at.

Ways in which I am exorbitantly flagrant (mother’s influence):

• The other 20 percent of my wardrobe is made up of exquisite artisan-made goods and one-of-a-kind vintage treasures, all with pricetags to match.

• My therapist doesn’t take my insurance any more so I pay his full rate out-of-pocket, because I like him too much to find a different therapist who does take my insurance.

• I buy art. I have spent hundreds of dollars, significant chunks of my budget, on special pieces that I could hear whispering my name. I took a big wad of cash I was going to spend on a tablet and bought a sculpture instead. No regrets, it’s fucking beautiful and I look at it every day and think about how much I love it.

• Expensive makeup is just better. I pay top dollar. Same for bras—I get the nice ones, the ones that cost an arm and a leg. Worth it.

• Organic groceries.

• When I do go out to eat, I go OUT. (That means I get dessert.)


Lily Hudson lives in Portland, Ore.

Photo by: conny lundgren



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